Sunday, February 25, 2007

Wee sharks on a guitar fretboard

While I was in the guitar store, testing out my new CA graphite guitar, Diamond Lil, I mentioned to the guitar-seller that the only graphite guitars I knew about were Rainsong guitars. Johnny, the guitar-seller, winced and said, "Those guys are a bunch of surfboard-makers who decided to try their hands at making guitars-- and it shows." I hadn't played a Rainsong, but the OM1000 was on my list of guitars to try simply because of its appearance:

Take a look at the fretboard in particular:

Wee sharks! As Rawbean would say, "It's wee, therefore it's cute." The only way the guitar could be cuter would be if it displayed baby bats on the fretboard. You know how I kvell to bats.


Lone Star Ma said...

Those sharks are very cute! I once got to see, at an Aquarium, live EMBRYONIC SHARKS squirming in their egg cases. They were major-cute! I think it necessary to yell that level of wee cuteness. Especially since I have no access to an italics button.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: I knew you would appreciate baby sharks. Sometimes Bede and I call the cats "furry sharks" as they brush along our legs hoping that we'll finally get the hint and give them food.