Monday, February 26, 2007

Guitar Chords for "Radio Operator"

On occasion, people find my blog through search engines because they're looking for guitar chords. I'm pleased when I can actually deliver. To the people who searched for song lyrics and found my parodies instead, I truly hope you eventually found what you were looking for. I include links to lyrics whenever possible. Yesterday, I searched for guitar chords to "Radio Operator" by Rosanne Cash. The song was stuck in my head, I wanted to play it, but I couldn't find chords. I think I figured them out myself.

Radio Operator, by Rosanne Cash
from Black Cadillac
Capo 1 for B flat Minor

Complete lyrics here

Verse chord progression:

[Am] Radio operator,[C]in a [D] tiny foreign [Am] room
We can hear you now and later,
[C]calling [D] out and coming [Am] through.
[Am] Radio operator, [C] you're a [D] voice so far from [Am] home
With a signal like a heartbeat [C] not a-[D]fraid but so a-[Am] lone.

Chorus chord progression:

[Dm] Where are the [C] messages for [G] me,
the secret [C] codes for parts un [G] known?
[Dm] I'll ride the [C] signal to the [G] world,
and to the [Am] girl [C-D-C] in San [Am] Antone.

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