Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pudding Wins Regional Prize

Congratulations to our blogger friend Yorkshire Pudding! He has won the title of England's Favorite Regional Food, beating out contenders such as the Cornish pasty, the Melton Mowbray pork pie, the East End jellied eel and the Lancashire black pudding ice cream.

From the article:

Vale of York MP Anne McIntosh, who is campaigning for Yorkshire puddings to be given the same protected status as French champagne or Greek feta cheese, said: "The people of Yorkshire are rightly and fiercely proud of the Yorkshire pudding.

"It is something which has been cherished and perfected for centuries in Yorkshire."

Yes indeed. Definitely give Yorkshire Pudding protected status, especially from his arch-nemesis, Brad the Gorilla.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Ha! Ha! I am honoured forsooth sweet Alkelda - patron saint of storytelling and ladies named Doris! I shall bide my time and surprise you one of these days with a similar honour. Thanks!

Lady K said...

GOOD for Pudding! Hazaaahh! I've never had Yorkshire pudding, but heard it's quite tasty.

Oh...wait...that came out all wrong. hee hee

By George said...

Pudding is one thing... but what would he be with out his gravy?