Monday, August 22, 2005

Song in the Air (ocarina tablature)

A month ago, I posted lyrics to Three Songs of Stars and Fire, but expressed regret that I had no sound files to offer. Instead of a sound file, I'm offering you the chance to listen to the tune of "There's a Song in the Air" by way of ocarina tablature. I downloaded a free ocarina font and figured out the notations for the tune.

At this point, my high notes are still a little painful to listen to, as the pitch is evocative of a piccolo, but my friends gallantly tell me that I'll get much better with practice. However, I wish for a tenor ocarina now. I want something with similar tones to the oboe without the long-term commitment the oboe requires. Hmmm...

My 33 1/2 birthday is coming up next month. I'll mention it to Bede.


Lone Star Ma said...

You have me wanting to learn to play the ocarina, an instrument I could probably not even identify.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Cool! I hope you pick one up. I had never heard of an ocarina until a month ago, when Lucia and I attended Nancy Stewart's "Concert in the Castle." Nancy didn't play it then, but when Lucia went up to say hello to her afterward, Lucia noticed the ocarina around her neck. Nancy played a few notes, and then steered us toward the Pike Place Market.

My father, a music expert, knew all about ocarinas and said that he thought he could find some cds of ocarina music for me. I really like it that playing an instrument is suddenly an attainable ambition for me.