Tuesday, August 23, 2005

"Pavane for the Nursery" (ocarina tablature)

Sometimes I don't know when to quit. I struggled with this tablature for "A Pavane for the Nursery" (you may find the poem in the original post for Three Songs of Stars and Fire), but finally came up with something I can live with... for now. Fear not, this blog is not going to become Ocarina Central. I just want the music to be available. I want people to know it exists.

I just received a copy of the album "Simon Sisters Sing for Children". The album is a 33 1/3 rpm record that I bought for $4.00 on Ebay. The next step is to get help in transferring the music to compact disc.* At that time, the Simon Sisters' music for "A Pavane for the Nursery" will once more be available for Lucia's listening pleasure.

*Note to the record companies: if you think this is piracy, then please rerelease the album on compact disc. Rest assured, I will buy it. Until that momentous event occurs, don't give me any guff.


abcgirl said...

i was JUST thinking about that last night on my bike ride and wondering if you'd received the LP yet.

must find ocarina...

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I've just emailed my friend to find out when we can get together for an lp party.

Yesterday, Bede was finally convinced of the necessity of my having an alto ocarina to play. (I really like the tenor ones, but I need to work up my breath control.) I've decided that my sopranito that I can wear around my neck is my equivalent of the iPod shuffle. Goodness knows, it'll be a rare moment when I get to listen to "Fluffy" (our new iPod shuffle acquired through a free promotion).