Friday, February 16, 2007

The Simon Sisters sing for us again

Currently, the audio cassette is the only way I have to listen to The Simon Sisters Sing for Children. Thanks to my father for providing me with music!

This post is for all of you, but especially for ABCGirl. At some point last year I told her that if I ever found access to the technology that transfers vinyl music to compact disc, I would send her a compact disc copy of The Simon Sisters Sing for Children (released on Columbia Records). While the technology is out there, finding acquaintances with the necessary gear has been more difficult than I expected. I sent a request through iTunes to get ahold of the music somehow. While the album I requested is still unavailable, the album by Lucy and Carly Simon called Winkin' Blinkin' is available for download. This is good news for me and potentially good news for you, too. I am glad to have the recording, but I still want digital versions of ""The Lobster Quadrille" and "A Pavane for the Nursery." The former song I can play on guitar with 4 chords. The latter is filled with chords I suspect I don't yet know how to play.

Other music I've enjoyed recently:

"Maggie Campbell"--Dave Alvin (from Public Domain: Songs From the Wild Land)
"Radio Operator"--Rosanne Cash (from Black Cadillac)
"Stay on the Ride"--Patty Griffin (from Children Running Through)
--"Nightclubbing"--Iggy Pop (from The Idiot)
"Alabama Bound/Boll Weevil"--Odetta (from Lookin' for a Home)


William said...

The Simon Sisters are GREAT!
I hope you bought their magnificent release from Hip O Select
and available at Amazon.
Their first two albums transferred to CD--from pristine master tapes!!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

William: I'm glad you appreciate the Simon Sisters, too. I actually downloaded the music from iTunes, as is my wont. I didn't get the Carly Simon essay, though. Tant pis.:(