Friday, September 29, 2006

Story and Song Girl

This is Lucia's dolly named Pepper, accompanied by a pet unicorn:

This is Lucia's drawing of Pepper:

Today, Lucia asked me to tell her a story about Pepper. I replied that it was Lucia's turn to tell a story. With some prompting,* Lucia told me this story:

Once upon a time there were two little girls named Salt and Pepper, and they lived with their mommy and daddy in a house off in the distance. And they went to the store, and they saw Dan Zanes. And they had a railing, and they went up on the roof, and they climbed back down. She got Superman in her hand. Pepper has a dress and Pepper has a magic diamond shaped buckle. They came over the bridge and there was a troll under the bridge.

Could a parent be prouder? I think not. If that weren't enough, I received my new storytelling step-stool** today, and Lucia promptly claimed it, then asked for her little guitar. We jammed for awhile to "Buffalo Gals" and then I made up a song about Superman and Batman:

Key of C (in the style of the Dead Kennedys):

We're goin' to a tea-party
We're goin' to a tea-party
We're goin' to a tea-party
With Superman and Batman.

Superman's gonna pour the tea,
Batman's gonna bake the scones,
Green Lantern's gonna to cut the cake,
And I'm gonna eat it all.

We're goin' to a tea-party... etc.

Oy! I'm kvelling.

*Prompting=Me saying, "Yeah!" after every phrase.

**The step-stool is an heirloom made from an old chest of drawers. Note in the photo that Lucia's own step-stool is near her little table in the back, yet she was indignant when I suggested as much.


El JoPe Magnifico said...

Batman makes simply the best scones!

Lone Star Ma said...

Th child is a genius!

(But we prefer Marvel scones - by Spider-Girl)

Nonny said...

My 3 year old loves tea parties. He loves the little cups and saucers. He's broke most of them, which is ok, it was a partial set I bought at a yard sale. When he tells stories inevitably guns and monsters come into play. Also lions, I think he is scared of lions more than anything else.

He'd go bananas for that little brush Pepper is holding.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

El Magnifico: I tend to think that Batman puts too much baking powder in his scones, but that's just me. I need to ask him where he gets his currants.

LSM: Yes! Thanks. Mmmm... Marvel Scones. I want some.

Nonny: In real life, I think that brush has been lost. I keep a "bits box" for all of the little accessories, but I often find little pieces underfoot.

That's great that your three year old has a tea-set. Whomever thought that tea-parties were "Girly" events never had proper tea and scones. And sandwiches. O, how I love sandwiches.

BlueMamma said...

yay, playmobil! that stuff is the best. and the picture is actually a very good likeness...