Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fly Through My Window

Bluebird, bluebird, fly through my window
Bluebird, bluebird, fly through my window
Bluebird, bluebird, fly through my window
Oh, Johnny, I'm tired.

You'd be tired, too, if you cut out 30 felt birds. Tomorrow, the grownups will sing with the toddlers as each child brings a bird to up to the flannel board.* While I'm generally not a fan of using flannel boards or cutting out lots of little felt or paper animals** (yeah, I'm one of those curmudgeonly children's librarians), I can forsee using the birds for a number of other songs. I'd list them, but there are a lot. Just for starters, you can find good bird songs off of Elizabeth Mitchell's new album, You Are My Little Bird, including a longer version of the aforementioned "Fly Through My Window." I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have other animals for other songs, but as long as I'm in a small storytime room and not a large auditorium, I like to share my finger-puppets. I'll bet a lot of my city kids have seen cow puppets long before they've seen cows in pastures. This is as close as I've come to a porcupine. (Porcupines are soft and fluffy, right?)

*If there's no flannel board, the children are welcome to stick the birds to my sleeves.

**I taught myself origami just so I would have a craft to teach that didn't involve scissors, glue, glitter or googly-eyes.


Nonny said...

I love the little birds. So cute. I know you said your not a fan but it really is a fun idea. Kids love felt for some reason.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Nonny: Felt is great! I actually like felt animals when there's enough to go around. My storytimes went well today. Afterward, some of the kids came up to strum the guitar while I formed the chords. There were 14 people in the first group and 11 in the second group, so there was no risk of running out of birds.

Lone Star Ma said...

Is it More, More, More Said The Baby that has Little Bird in it? Some book by her, I think, right? Beautiful birds!! Lucky kids!