Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Green Sleeves: All My Joy

I'm lucky. Among my three chief pleasures (writing, playing guitar, sewing), I can actually work on sewing projects with Lucia in the room. When I'm writing or playing guitar, she tries to stop me by climbing on my lap and holding down the keys or strings. As long as she is allowed to roll the bobbins, lay her dollies on my sewing basket, walk across the fabric on the floor, make the buttons drive around in little cars, Lucia is content to let me sew. That is why I now have a new dress:

I did not sew this dress by myself. Seattle-Jane, my transplanted friend from New York, helped me sew it. She was instrumental in its actual creation and completion. Thank you, thank you, Seattle-Jane. As a tie-in to the storytelling and song theme of this blog, here is a list of "green" songs:

Green Grass Grew All Around
Green Grow the Rushes O

It's a small list. Now, I've got to make lunch for Lucia.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

There's only one thing to do with a pea pod and that's shell it!

Lone Star Ma said...


Nonny said...

Your a bohemian goddess in that dress. Looks very comfy.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I am a bohemian goddess! Yes, thank you. Pay no mind to the fresh-lips of YP.

Kathleen said...

Oh...I get a shout-out! Looks good!