Monday, August 21, 2006

I Gave Junk Mail a Chance

After discovering the Spamusement link on Galetea's blog, I decided to give my junk mail folder a chance to prove its creative potential before unceremoniously deleting it. Lo and behold, I found two useful pieces of junk mail:

A Victorian dollhouse with pirates: how could I resist? It's only money, after all, and it would indeed be a great surprise for Lucia.

You know what an astronomy buff I am. The thing is, this star is supposed to date back to 14 billion years ago, but there are wildly fluctuating theories as to how old the universe really is. Some people say it's only 10 billion years old, but in that cast, how can we see objects that are 30 billion light years away? Other people say that the universe is 15-20 billion years old. [And still others say the universe is only 10 thousand years old and multi-million year old dinosaur fossils were put in the ground to confound humans, but that train of thought just makes me grouchy.]


Lady K said...

Oh, to be a fly on the wall to see Lucia's

And WOWx2 about the universe. How can we REALLY tell how old it is? I guess we could try to "conjure" the ones who discovered it...then again, I'm a little afraid of ghosts.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K: It's funny... that photo of the dollhouse with the pirates is a photoshopped dealy, but later on that day, Lucia's grandmother really did get her a Playmobil dollhouse. Bede is putting it together right now. I sure hope Lucia APPRECIATES this dollhouse-- she's been wanting this particular one (the mansion, formerly the Victorian model) for a long time. Like, oh, two months. This is the grand present that's three Christmases and three birthdays rolled into one.

galetea said...

The fella who draws the cartoons at Spamusement does a particularly good job with simple artwork. My personal favorite are the giant weiners running a marathon around the city. :)

Nonny said...

I want to live in that dollhouse. Seriously.

Love the title of the "adult stars" picture. Very cheeky.

Only you could use the word "grouchy" and have it sound that cute.

limpy99 said...

Oh to be old enough to rate a groovy name like HEO107-5240. Someday, someday.