Monday, October 10, 2005

Leatherwing Bat on the Ocarina

I haven't played the ocarina in over a week, mainly because I'm concentrating on guitar lessons this month. One of my favorite folk songs is "Leatherwing Bat," and I hope to be able to figure out the accompaniment to this cheerfully mournful song by the end of the year. In the meantime, I can play it on the ocarina. I didn't find ocarina tablature on the web for "Leatherwing Bat," so I transcribed my own. Here is a link to the traditional lyrics (though like many folk-songs, they vary.) For Lucia's bedtime, I often just sing the first and last verses. I tweaked the lyrics for my own use because as we all know, fickleness, heartbreak, and longing are equal opportunity experiences.

Ironically, I like to sing "Leatherwing Bat" only when I'm in a good mood. It's like an ABBA song in that way.

"I," said the little leatherwing bat
"I'll tell you the reason that
The reason that I fly by night
Is because I lost my heart's delight."

Howdy dowdy diddle-dum day
Howdy dowdy diddle-dum day
Howdy dowdy diddle-dum day
Hey le lee-lee lie-lee low

"I" said the blackbird sitting on a bench
"Once I courted a handsome wretch.
He proved fickle and turned his back
And ever since then I've dressed in black."


"I" said the red-bird sitting on a fence
"I fancied a lad and he fancied me.
He got scared and from me fled
And ever since then my head's been red."


"I" said the owl with a head so white
"A lonesome day and a lonesome night,
Thought I heard some pretty-boy say
She'd court all night and sleep all day."


"I" said the little turtle dove,
"I'll tell you how to win your love,
Court him night and court him day
Never give him time to say you nay!”



Lone Star Ma said...

Oh, I love that song! I'd forgotten all about it! I need to dig out my Peter, Paul and Mommy tapes to start singing to the Lone Star Baby!

Nonny said...

Alkelda, What a coupe getting Brad to go on a date. How did you ever manage that?

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I was as surprised as you to read Brad's comment this morning about going on a date. I suspect something is up, but perhaps this time Brad is simply going to do what he says he's going to do, and has no mischievous scheme up his sleeve. Then again, he doesn't have sleeves...