Friday, May 19, 2006


As you can tell, I've been going through a dry spell in blogging. It's tempting to take a break, but I really don't want to. I'm addicted to interaction. Today, rather than forcing the issue, I have decided to post some early blog entries that I liked, but that probably the majority of you have not read.

Root Vegetables: my first real blog post on S & S.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf: You want a story with a moral? Here's your story with a moral!

Strong Spirit and Hands: How Bede and I got together.

Brad Blurb: After posting this blurb about Brad the Gorilla, our favorite ape decided to start his own blog.


Lone Star Ma said...

Joyce's Ulysses? Bede was tempted by that? Bede...if it were not for the foot rubs and the long made-up stories and the romantic anniversary posts and the posts about the high costs of health insurance...I might be disappointed. You're safe, though. Alkelda chose well and has my full approval, not that she'd care much if I did decide that Ulysses (bleh) made you unworthy! But it doesn't!

I also have a story of Lone Star Pa seeking me out to discover if rumors of a crush were true...neat.

Lady K said...

what a GREAT idea! I've also been going through a dry spell, but can't bring myself to shut down entirely. Hope all is well with you.

LOVE the mug!

Saints and Spinners said...

LSM: Ulysses is a good book! It's definitely not for everyone, and it took me 5 tries before I got through it with the Blamiers guide. I think it's one of those books that is best upon completion, when you can look back and think about where you've been over the past chapters. I'd like to hear your story about Lone Star Pa and the crush-rumors.:)

Hey, Lady K! I think it's a dry time for many of us (though not Nonny or Friday, who are as prolific as ever).

Liz said...

Fabulous idea Alkelda! I really enjoyed reading those, so much I didn't know. The story about you and Bede is so sweet.

Prolific? I'm writing about fungus.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Like a brownstone bedeo... nice tale of cross-continental love that led to little Lucia... now surely she needs a little brother or sister... the time is right and I give you my permission to call the new offspring Pudding which is a trans-gender name...

Saints and Spinners said...

Nonny: Thanks! And hey, your fungus discovery was blog-worthy. It did indeed look like an abandoned pot-pie.

Yorkshire Pudding: If we have another child, we shall call the child Plum Pudding. Or Madagascar. Or Synecdoche. Choices, choices.