Monday, July 23, 2012


The photo you see is one I took in Olga Village on Orcas Island (San Juan Islands, Washington State). For years, I've shied away from parades, but I think I would have enjoyed the Olga Daze Parade. My friend and I showed up on the island on Sunday, so we missed the Olga Daze blackberry pie.

This trip was the first time I'd been away from immediate family since KidLitCon II in 2008, when Adrienne and I explored downtown Portland. We stayed with my aunt and uncle, who live on the island part of the year.

Highlights of the trip included:

* I got to spend time with my friend and get to know her better sans kids.

* The first day of our trip, my friend said, "How do you feel about getting away from civilization? Let's go for a hike."

*After the hike, we drove into town, where I revealed that I really wanted to try the 2 different Nanaimo bars (link goes to a gluten free version) that had beckoned to me since I first stuck my head in the Home Grown Market. We bought one of each bar (cappuccino and Irish cream), and split them.

*My friend made fabulous salads that were meals in themselves. I didn't do any cooking, but I was pleased to present to my aunt a bourbon sour made with fresh ingredients, including a Rainier cherry garnish in lieu of the traditional maraschino variety. I don't drink many cocktails, but I enjoy reading about them and learning to make them. Therefore, I need people willing to sample my concoctions.

* I got to visit the Bossy's Feltworks studio again and chat with the vibrant, creative ladies who collaborated with me to make last year's nativity sets. I wish I were part of a collective like theirs.

Now, I am back in Seattle trying to focus on work again. There are dolls to make, songs to learn, stories to write, and a 10k for which to train. My husband is starting to worry that after the 10k, I will start training for a half-marathon (13.2 miles, which is a little over two 10k runs). Who knows? I'm forty years old, and I've got Something To Prove.


Lone Star Ma said...

Sounds like a great trip!

adrienne said...

When I next visit, I will be happy to cook and sample as many drinks as you care to come up with. :)

I'm glad, too, that you had a great trip, and now that I've read the phrase "blackberry pie," I feel that I may need to bake one this weekend. Blackberries must be available at the market tomorrow morning...

Saints and Spinners said...

Yes, yes, to blackberry pie! Bede brought a 1/2 flat of blackberries home for me, and the mixture for blackberry sorbet with a spearmint infusion is cooling in the refrigerator.

I think I may have found my dessert calling with sorbets (possibly coconut milk sherbets, too, but we shall see). I frost cakes horribly, and my pie crusts are abysmal. But as a high school boyfriend said to me after a run of pies gone wrong, "Why don't you just stick to cookies? You're good at those." He honestly couldn't understand my reaction to those words.