Friday, July 06, 2012

Explore More

Finally, summer in Seattle has arrived! Today, I enjoyed having bare arms in the mid-seventies, while Sunday is expected to peak in the mid-eighties. (I speak of Fahrenheit temperatures, not musical influences.) My visit to Orcas Island was pleasant, albeit rainy/chilly. The above photo is the last of my 2011 collaborative nativity sets created with Bossy's Feltworks. I brought it to their booth during one Saturday farmer's market, and it sold the following week. I also got to hang out with the Bossy ladies, which was a treat.

In two weeks, I will head back to Orcas Island, only this time I will be going with a friend. I thought hard about the last time I went on a female-buddy road trip that lasted longer than a day, and the only one I could think of was with my college sophomore year roommate on a weekend trip to Chicago. That was over twenty years ago. I mention this only because it appears I need to explore more.


tanita davis said...

Absolutely adore the fact that Bossy's has pigs with wings.

I need to consider the world of flying pigs more. Explore impossibilities!

I'm glad you get to go back to the island. Maybe there will be sun.

Lone Star Ma said...

Sounds wonderful! My sister and I are going to explore an art festival in a nearby town today.

adrienne said...

"I speak of Fahrenheit temperatures, not musical influences."

You make me laugh, Farida.

I hope that summery weather has continued for you. It's been delightfully hot here (the hotter the better, as far as I'm concerned), although we could use a little rain. Just a touch. Maybe one night of it, and then we can be done.

Saints and Spinners said...

There was sun on the island! Today was chilly, but I refused to believe it, and wore sandals.