Friday, January 14, 2011

Update in the early 2011

Yesterday was Bede's and my 10th wedding anniversary, but Bede was not in town to celebrate it. Last Friday, he flew to Canada after we learned that his mom was in the hospital after experiencing a heart attack. The prognosis changes by the day, but the fact is that she's eighty years old and has struggled with emphysema for years. It is hard.

Lucia is enjoying her new school. The teacher is great. The teacher emails me every day to tell me how Lucia is doing (and she does not have much of a break at all), and if there are questions or concerns, we can talk about strategies. It is fortunate that this particular class is small, mellow, and kind. Homework is something new, and although Lucia did not go to an academic kindergarten, she is doing well with her homework. It's frustrating to her that she does not yet read with ease, but her progress thus far has given me the confidence to assure her that one day reading will be pleasurable. I help her prepare for spelling tests, but she does not need my help for math. How about that! Bede and I incorporated math in conversations in the hopes that Lucia would have a positive attitude toward it. I am requesting a gold star for each of the members of The House of Glee.

I lookforward to Bede's return. I miss him. We'll celebrate 10 years of marriage. I hope we get to share 55 more years at least. Here is a photo of the House of Glee as we are now. Bede is almost 41 and still ruefully handsome. Lucia's toes are alive and wiggly. Here I am, too, 10 years older than when I got married, but finally back to my pre-pregnancy weight. The difference is that 10 years ago, I would have never worn 3 inch stiletto heels. Sometimes it is fun to wear foolish shoes.


Lone Star Ma said...

You are all beautiful. I am sorry about Bede's mother - my prayers for her and Bede and all of you.

Eric Herman said...

My heartfelt congratulations to you and Bede, and I hope his mother is doing alright.

Much love,

adrienne said...

Look at you all!

Congratulations on the anniversary and your combined efforts to ensure the next generation can do math (and read, and whatever else needs doing). I am sorry to hear this sad news about your mother-in-law. I hope she is getting the best of care, and I am wishing you all strength.

Schelle said...

Congrats on the anniversary & best wishes to MIL for a speedy recovery.

You look great! I've just made it back to pre-pregnancy weight too!!! Feels good huh? I'm also learning to run - for the first time ever :P

Kate Coombs said...

Happy Anniversary AND Happy Art Show! What a lovely, creative family.

Elaine Magliaro said...

Happy 10th Anniversary!!! I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I'm happy to hear that Luicia is happy at her new school.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! omg, you look gorgeous! Yay! for pre-pregnancy weight. What a great photo. And Lucia is simply darling.

My thoughts and prayers are with Bede's mom and family.