Friday, January 21, 2011

Molecules and Microbes in Felt

I've been long overdue in featuring another artisan's work. I enjoy the science-themed Flickr photo uploads from Sasha of What. No Mints? My favorites are the amoeba and paramecium pieces made of Eco-felt:

"Microbes in Love"

When my daughter saw these, she wondered if Sasha would make red and white blood cell magnets. (That was when she was fixated on blood cells. Currently, she is fixated on God, Crayola crayons, and stories of Anansi the Spider.)

I also like the molecules:

Dopamine Heart Ornament for pleasure

Serotonin sun ornament for happiness

I wish for you plenty of serotonin and dopamine to come your way!


tanita davis said...

I think blood cell magnets would rock - but BRAIN CELL magnets would be more in line with what I need...

Saints and Spinners said...

Tanita: Me too. I spelled molecules "moolecules," and only caught it just now.

Lone Star Ma said...

Too cool! My biologist teen would love those.