Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November is not my best writing month

What I have been working on these last few days:

1. Preparing for storytelling gigs.

2. Sewing for the store and for the school auction.

3. Getting ready for a week of visitors.

4. Trying to exercise with a sprained ankle.

Yesterday, my daughter told me about what she imagined the people of Jupiter were like: "They look like fairies and they fly around in hot air balloons." I thought, "There might be a story in there somewhere," but got no further than the title, which was The Aeronauts of Jupiter.

Obviously, I have not been kept up with my blog reading or commenting. There are times when I think, "Is this it, then? Should I celebrate my 5 year anniversary and then cease?" I'd rather not, but I don't want to post drivel. I'd rather keep it to myself. (I am satisfied to know that if my journals are not destroyed after my death, at least they are so illegible and uninteresting that no one will want to read them.)

And now on to something completely different: Poet Hans Ostrom visited this blog again to share a video made of Emily Dickenson and Elvis Presley in Heaven. I enjoyed the video (though the last part is supposed to be Emily and Elvis sleeping in their cabins, not next to each other!) mainly because it was satisfying to hear Ostrom's own voice reading the poem.


Amish Guitar said...

I think I'd rather read your drivel than my own...

tanita davis said...

There's no rule that says what you have to write, or how often.

You could do short essay instead of fantastic fiction, if you felt like it, and it would be just fine. The creativity that goes into coming up with stories - when you're already sewing and TELLING stories to a child -- is phenomenal. Why not write complaints for a couple of weeks? You certainly don't have to be all sweetness and light.

Lone Star Ma said...

You must keep up the blog! We would miss you too ever much! And I don't ever think your writing is drivel!

This past week has not been a writing-productive week for me, either, although I intend to make up for it next week, I hope.

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

I would miss your online presence so much, but in the end you have to do what's right for you. As Tania said, there are no rules: post what and when you want you, I'll still be here, reading.

Saints and Spinners said...

Thank you all! I really don't want to give up S&S. I may have to tweak its mission statement a bit and realize that I probably will not be reviewing any more CDs (considering that some of them are over a year old), too.

Tanita, can I really write complaints for a week? I just might do that! Heh.

adrienne said...

I go through phases like this now, too. I have time and energy to post to my blog for a while, and then I have times where I kind of forget about it or just don't have energy/time to deal with it. This made me think for a while that maybe I should give it up, but it still brings me happiness when I do have time for it, so I figure it's okay if I'm haphazard. I, for one, am glad you're maintaining a presence here (even if I am clocking in late--I seem to only be able to devote time to blog reading once or twice a week anymore, but I've decided that's okay, too. Better late than never and all that.).

diana said...

please continue to write...and your daughter is as creative as you are....what that must be like! The Aeronauts of could do so much with that mind!

diana said...

please continue to write...and your daughter is as creative as you are....what that must be like! The Aeronauts of could do so much with that mind!