Thursday, November 19, 2009

In which I kvetch

In the comments of the last post, Tanita suggested, "Why not write complaints for a couple of weeks? You certainly don't have to be all sweetness and light." I don't plan to alienate potential customers or lay out my struggles with politics and religion, but I think I can muster some proper kvetching. Thanks, Tanita! Here goes:

1. At the top of the list is my frustration and dismay at the staggering levels of cruelty humans perpetuate upon each other. We are capable of so much kindness and compassion. It is inevitable that we are going to disagree on beliefs and issues, but why do people have to insult, degrade and damn each other? What earthly or spiritual gain does it bring?

2. Here is what I say: "Please provide a comfortable space for the children where battery-powered toys and media devices will not distract attention from the performance." That's not a joke. If battery-powered toys and media devices with tempting buttons cannot be removed or hidden for 30 minutes, my musical storytelling program may not be the best choice of entertainment for the venue.

3. Regarding The Mommy Wars: Cut it out. Every family has to do what works best for that family. See #1.

4. I had friends assure me that my pregnancy weight would come off from nursing my baby. I should have realized that these were friends who had never had weight issues to begin with. Every extra pound I have ever lost has come through sheer sweat and denial. To every person who has ever given me a hard time about my weight or indicated that I was only lovable when I was slender: You were no help at all. To every person who has been supportive over the years: Thank you.

There! That's just for starters.


El JoPe Magnifico said...

Dear Ms. The Gleeful,

Damnation is refreshing! Or tarnation, for the faint of heart. And what is tarnation anyway? The dictionary says a tarn is a "small steep-banked mountain lake or pool". What they fail to mention is that said mountain is a VOLCANO and hiding a pool of LAVA! A rather important omission, I think. They should be ashamed.

Señor Magnífico

jama said...

You go, Farida!

Schelle said...

:D re number 4 - ditto!
Hence I am using my precious erstwhile blogreading & fiction writing time this November to learn to run instead - and am surprisingly enjoying it and seeing results. Never would have thunk it was possible :P

Jules at 7-Imp said...


1) You are beautiful. Inside and out. (That sounds trite, but I mean it.)

2) The so-called Mommy Wars make me feel shouty. Yes, we all do what works best for us. When will people realize this? (It's the media that makes these "wars" worse.)

3). Just...just...amen to all the rest. I've had a kvetchy sort of day myself, so I'm snapping my fingers over here and saying, "amen, sister" a lot in response to this post.

Lone Star Ma said...

Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

tanita davis said...

Whoa, Mommy Wars!?
See, this is the kind of crap that exists outside of my ken, and you're right to be quite, QUITE annoyed about it.

Also: on the weight thing? I have no baby to even have an excuse. You look lovely, I think. But I was thinking this, just the other day: for everyone who has said, "Well, for your husband's sake," or "you're too just young for all that weight --" I may just have to get medieval on your tukus. This is ME. I am denying and sweating as I can. It will either come off, or it won't. If Tech Boy were to dump me over this, then good Lord, he wasn't worth worrying over anyway.

Meanwhile, cheers to every healthy choice you make. You'll get there. OR not. Either way. Cheers to you.

Amen, so mote it be.

Jules at 7-Imp said...

By the way, works hard to fight against these silly "mommy wars," made worse by the mainstream media. That organization, as a whole, does GREAT stuff.

Saints and Spinners said...

El Magnifico: I am fainthearted, so "tarnation" may be the way I go. Does Mt. Rainier have tarns?

Jama: Thanks!

Schelle: I am impressed.

Jules: I do know about MomsRising. They're cool. Thanks for bringing them to my attention again.

LSM: Sing it!

Tanita: Thank you. And Tech Boy is a keeper, as are you. :)

adrienne said...

Farida, Sometimes I want to smash all the electronic toys. For instance, cell phones that ring during my storytimes. When that happens, I smile and say, "Oh, that happens to all of us." But that is often not what I'm thinking. It's just SO HARD to keep a room full of little kids' attention.

And you are quite lovable as you are. You too, Tanita.

Vivian said...

You are such a delight, even when you kvetch, which, may I say is quite grand.

Farida, you are full of awesome!

Melangell said...

More kvetching, please! You haven't posted for DAYS.

Saints and Spinners said...

Adrienne: Funny, I have a similar urge, too, when the cell phones go off. However, one time I forgot to turn off my cell phone (I usually call out and almost no one calls in), and of course the cell phone went off during a colleague's storytelling. O the mortification.

Vivian: Pshaw! Pshaw, I say! Thank you.

Melangell: I'll work on some more kvetching. I have family in town this week! No, no,that was not a kvetch, just an excuse as to why I've not posted.