Saturday, November 07, 2009

Bedtime Story, Story #7

Lucia likes to hear the story of her birth. Sometimes she wants to hear what "rrrrrreally happened" at the hospital, and other times, she wants to hear about when she used to be a bunny or a sweet pea. For today's LoStoWriMo post, here is the story of when Lucia was a star:


Once upon a time, a man and woman took a walk at night. They held hands, looked up into the sky, and said, "Oh, how we wish we had a child!"

From far away, a star heard the wish. It said, “I have been a star for a very long time. I would like to be a child now." The star traveled for a long time past other stars, planets and comets. As the star came closer to Earth, it became smaller and smaller. Finally, it dropped from the sky, landed in a strawberry patch, and turned into a child.

The man and woman walked by the strawberry patch and said, "Oh look! It's a child! Let's take her home." They took the child home and loved her. The child had soft brown hair and rosy cheeks. In her dark brown eyes they could see the stars.


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tanita davis said...

I think the most endearing thing about your kid is that she knows there's a "really happened" and that there are other versions of a story that can be equally good. Smart kid.

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adrienne said...

Meanwhile, on his tenth birthday last week, I asked Lucas, "Did your mom ever tell you how she threw up when she was in labor with you?"

And he said, "Really? Cool!"