Sunday, April 19, 2009

Unnecessary Sequel Honorable Mention: Where The Wild Things Aren't

Here is the schedule for announcing the Unnecessary Children's Book Sequels contest:

Third Place: Monday, April 20
Second Place: Wednesday, April 22
First Place: Friday, April 24

In the meantime, Minh Le of Bottom Shelf Books has illustrated a cover for sequels to Maurice Sendak's Where the Wild Things Are, called Where the Wild Things Aren't. Please visit Minh's blog for the book cover. Here are 5 entries for Wild Things sequels:

Where the Wild Things Aren't: a loving commentary on boredom and conformity. -Greg W.

Where the Wild Things Aren't: After seeing his pediatrician and a child psychologist, Max is prescribed medication for his anger management issues and night terrors. -Rocco Staino and Cynthia Sandler

Where the Wild Things Are Having a Bash: Max grows up and leaves home for Carousal State College--the biggest party school in the country. There, he meets other "wild things" and sails off with them into drunken oblivion every weekend. Of course, when he sobers up on Monday mornings, his Friday night dinners are always cold and moldy. -Elaine Magliaro

Where the Wild Things Aren't: Max grows up, becomes an accountant, marries the nice Jewish girl next door and spends the rest of his life in painful anonymity. -The Library Lady

Wild Things: A Tropical Theme Park: This picture book is a story about an important industry called tourism. In it, we welcome you to a tropical paradise reached by some pretty clever chronological sailing. See our monsters in their very specially designed habitat and later you can even watch a trained monster show while sipping on banana daiquiris as the sun sets over the ocean. Written and developed by Imperial Corporate, Inc. just for you. -Kate Coombs


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