Friday, March 13, 2009

Story Dice by Mamaroots plus a Note about High Tea

Photo by Mamaroots. Used with permission.

During a recent search for "Waldorf" and "nature table" on, I found Story Dice in Mamaroots' shop. I appreciate that her shop has a section specifically devoted to storytellers, and that the goal is to bring storytelling into the home. Mamaroots also has a blog devoted to storytelling and crafting, as well as birthing and parenting from a social activist angle. You may find her blog here: Mamaroots.

In other news, the school auction catalog is online. If you would like to see what sorts of items are available at this year's auction, visit this link. The left side of the page has different items up for bid by category. It'll be interesting to find out for how much these items actually end up selling in this particular economic climate. While I've got a wish-list that's half a page long, the only item I want to make sure I bring home is a pair of tickets to the Mother-Daughter High Tea. Yorkshire Pudding will sympathize with me (or rather, sympathise, in his case) in that what many think of as high tea is actually afternoon tea, or "low tea." High tea is a substantial meal akin to dinner, not an afternoon array of finger-sandwiches, scones and pastries. I pointed that out in my catalog edits, but High Tea it remains. Anyway, I want to go, and so does Lucia. It's right around her birthday, so we can attend it in lieu of a party.


tanita s. davis said...

Cool --!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the feature- I so look forward to exploring your blog and sharing in the world of storytelling!


Lone Star Ma said...

Mother-Daughter teas sound lovely.