Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love is a tune you hum-de-hum-hum

A couple of weeks ago, Bede took Lucia to the park to throw boomerangs. Bede's first (and favorite) boomerang immediately got gobbled up by one of the park trees. Despite that initial disappointment, Bede and Lucia had a good time with the boomerangs in the park, and "boomerang" replaced "barnacle" as her favorite word of the moment. I decided to look for songs about boomerangs.

As you could have probably guessed, love is like a boomerang.

Some songs, like T-Bone Burnett's Boomerang, were catchy but not appropriate for young ears (i.e. "He broke into the bedroom/ They put him on the spot/He took off his pistol/ They never heard the shots/ They were headed for a crash/ And it even hurt to laugh/ Cause it ended with a bang/ When it all came back like a boomerang"). I finally settled on one of ABBA's silly but delightful ditties, "Bang-a-Boomerang":

Like a bang, a boom-a-boomerang
Dum-be-dum-dum be-dum-be-dum-dum
Oh bang, a boom-a-boomerang
Love is a tune you hum-de-hum-hum
So give it away, I think you'll learn
You'll get love in return
So bang, a boom-a-boomerang is love
A boom-a-boomerang is love

You can see the original video here.

And you can see and hear my daughter's rendition (complete with arm motions copied by Agnetha and Ani-Frid from "Mamma Mia") here:


Cloudscome said...

Adorable. You have that song in your head day and night, right?

TadMack said...

Oy, thank you for being the person responsible for making me listen to ABBA for the first time in my life.

Lucia's version: much, much cuter. And less apt to become an earworm I can't get rid of for the next seventy-two hours.

Lone Star Ma said...

Adorable. my husband occasionally listens to a boomerang song that I find highly offensive - and mature topics do not really offend me. Sigh.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Cloudscome: Yes indeedy! My mind is a very sticky place to be as of late.

TadMack: If this is your first ABBA song, I'm a little chagrined. I'll make you a whole ABBA mix cd if you like. Really, it's no problem at all. You'll be a dancing queen going on and on and on through the summer night city in no time.

LSM: Hmmm... I'm mildly curious, but not so curious as to find out what song it actually is. As mentioned above, I have a sticky mind and need to be careful.

Lone Star Ma said...

You do not want to hear this one. Believe me. When he plays it, I start questioning my matrimonial taste.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: Well, my husband likes Phillip Glass, so there you go. (Now I'd better run before Bede sees this and says, "Hey!")

Tony said...

Hey! There's nothing wrong with Philip Glass.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh! And I thought my ABBA lexicon was fairly complete. Thanks for sending an undiscovered gem my way. It's like finding a lost Browning sonnet, but with dum-de-dum-dums.

TadMack said...

Alkelda, sweetie -- um... No. To the ABBA CD mix thing. No, really. Don't trouble yourself on my account.