Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Monkey Speaks

I realize that (1) the Kidlitosphere is a big place (2) I'm a big girl and should have probably found this site by myself, but still... how can it be that I didn't know about The Monkey Speaks, a blog maintained by puppeteer, ukulele-player and children's librarian extraordinaire Walter Minkel? Walter used to work for Multnomah County Library (i.e. Portland, Oregon and surrounding cities) and is now the head of the Early Childhood Center of The New York Public Library. He was the technology editor for School Library Journal, and that's probably where I remember most seeing his name most often. All of these fancy library credentials are impressive, but you have probably gathered by now that either a ukulele or a puppet-show will stop me in my tracks. To have both in one blog? That's like combining chocolate and coffee. Or chocolate and peanut-butter. Or chocolate and orange. (As long as it's dark chocolate, of course...)

Go read!

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El JoPe Magnifico said...

Minkel? Surely that name must have been invented.