Thursday, November 22, 2007

Song of the Week: Cursor Miner's "Library"

My favorite lyrics from "The Library" by Cursor Miner:

The library, the library, it's the place where books are free.
The library, the library--librarians are often sexy!

You'd better believe it.


jules said...

Am I a nerd for testing my Dewey knowledge during the song and 'cause I'm bummed that I couldn't rattle off where plate tectonics and embroidery are on the shelves?

That was fun. Speaking of sexy librarians, this article is still linked (though it's months-old) at the Nashville Scene. Heh. That was when funding was threatening to be cut at the Nashville Public Library, which would have affected story time.

Andy said...

Heard this delightful song for the first time today. Actually saw Cursor Miner live last year - fantastic vest and y-fronts action, if I recall correctly. Anyway, found you on searching for the lyrics :-) (And yes, librarians are wonderful.)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Andy: Thanks for stopping by! I thought of writing out the lyrics, but there were a few spots in which I wasn't sure what I was hearing.