Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Song of the Week: Wild, Wild Party in the Loquat Tree

Loquat fruit

I used to be a moderately enthusiastic Indigo Girls fan. I bought their first two albums and played them regularly in the college dorms. Somewhere around "Rites of Passage" I lost interest. With the exception of the Dire Straits' cover of "Romeo and Juliet" plus the delightfully weird "Chickenman," the album just made me feel cranky.

Then, a quartet of friends in college performed the song "Wild, Wild Party in the Loquat Tree," written by Rand Bishop and performed by the Indigo Girls. I was a fan again, at least for that song. That "wild wild party" was as good as the one that took place in the Quangle-Wangle's Hat. Listen for yourself:

Put On Your Green Shoes (track 3)
Mary Had a Little Amp (track 11)

I found guitar chords for the song here. However, I'm not convinced. Here's what I've got, but be warned-- my guitar teacher often corrects my song interpretations:

[A] Out in the back by the grape stake fence
Is a place where nature makes [Em-A] so much sense
[A] All the creatures livin' in harmony
It's a wild wild party in the [Em-D-A] loquat tree

[A]Fuzzies and furries run walk or fly
Havin' a feast beneath a [Em-A] clear blue sky
[A]Animals comin' from miles around
To bounce the branch and shake the [Em-D-A] loquat down

The squirrel and the sparrow and the mouse and the [Em] bee
[A]All havin' a party in the [Em-D-A] loquat tree
[A] Eatin' all the yellow fruit they can see
It's a wild wild party in the [Em-D-A] loquat tree

[D]Peckin' at 'em pickin' at 'em [G]hidin' 'em [D]away
[A]Savin' 'em up for a [Em-D-A] rainy day
[D]No matter how big no matter [G D] how small
[A]There's more than enough there's [Em] plenty for [A] all ...

Chords played over spoken part:
[A]chatter, chirp, squeak, [Em] buzz x3
[A]chatter, chirp, squeak, [Em-D-A] buzz


jules said...

That description describes my history, tooo, with The Indigo Girls to a t.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Jules: I'm glad it's not just me.

Lone Star Ma said...

God, I love loquats.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

LSM: Can you believe I've never had one?