Saturday, March 17, 2007

Still sick

Someone called me this morning to ask if I could do a last-minute birthday party gig (i.e. tomorrow morning). I would have done it had I not still felt so sick. I gave her some ideas for the party and she said she'd keep me in mind for when her other child had a birthday this year. Whenever I get sick, I wonder, "How will I be able to pull through when I actually have a gig?" I've done it, of course. I've done storytelling when I had laryngitis. Once, early in my career, I performed what might have been my scariest rendition of "The Gunniwolf" ever. With all of the various snifflies and coughs popping up, I have only ever once had to cancel a storytelling performance. I had a high fever, no voice, and I didn't know pantomime. My supervisor sent me home from the library and had someone read picturebooks to the audience.

I know how to prop myself up and get through performances when I feel absolutely terrible. But still, each time I get sick, I wonder, "How will I be able to pull through when I actually have a gig?" The answer: I just do.

Here are some coping mechanisms:
1) Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat Tea. Traditional Medicinals, this is free advertising for you. If I am going to shill for a product, this herbal infusion would be it. Hurrah for slippery elm bark!

2)Hot water, whisky and honey. Note: this is for after the gig, not before. At the very least, I can tell myself, "I can get through this and then I can have my hot toddy. Maybe two. Definitely two."

3) White rice or flax seed inside a tied-up/sewn up sock (or reasonable facsimile), heated in the microwave and then placed around my shoulders or lower back.

I avoid cold medicines, even the ones that claim to be non-drowsy. They all make me drowsy and I get hallucinogenic dreams as well. My hallucinogenic dreams usually involve returning to high school (even though I have a Master's Degree) and working at a mind-dulling government job. Any potential benefits of the cold-medicine are completely nullified by these dreams. Did I mention that I had to take gym class in these dreams?

Pictured: Lucia uses some of my props for her dollies' opera attendance. How does she know that, when I'm sick, I'm more likely to let her play with my toys?


Lone Star Ma said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Poor old Alkelda! This illness is dragging on isn't it? Give it a week. I'm sure you'll feel a lot better then.