Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Latest Crush

I've become smitten with the Martin OMC Red Birch guitar made with sustainable woods. As far as I'm concerned, this guitar is way better than a hybrid car or a gazebo.* Part of the guitar is made from rescued sitka spruce, too. If I had this guitar, I would be an active part of the reduce/reuse/recycle manifesto. I haven't gotten my paws on the guitar yet (as of now, it's not even available in the stores), so maybe I'd get over my infatuation if I could just plink a few chords of "The Midnight Special" or "All the Pretty Little Horses." Three thousand 2,999 USD is all I need, my friends. I'd have to play a lot of birthday parties. Well, you know how to book me.

*For some reason, I have a reputation for being impulsive, dramatic and prone to hyperbole. I simply do not know how people get such notions.


Lady K said...

WHAT??!!! I am outraged at the cost of this guitar. It really IS beautiful, but $2999 worth of beautiful? It better be infused with diamond frets.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K: I would like to see what the breakdowns in costs are for hand-made guitars. Also, the sticker price is not the actual price. Still, if I'm going to pay for a good quality guitar, I'd rather support a local luthier.

Ulric and I plan to spend a day visiting different guitar shops. We both want to try out graphite guitars.

limpy99 said...

Maybe you should visit those shops with ski masks and hand guns.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Limpy99: Have you ever tried playing a guitar with a ski mask on? It's quite distracting. I often don't even like to wear earrings when I play.

Lady K said...

The VERY first guitar I bought got knocked over and the neck broke off. I'll post a pic of this fine instrument, as it is made of Hawaiian Koa wood. BEAUTIFUL, and VERY great in sound. Anyway, the guy who broke it KNEW a luthier (which I had never heard of at the time), and he fixed it "good as new." I felt like it was a miracle. I've been in AWE of luthiers ever since.

Kind of like a good "boot-black" for guys...ha ha