Friday, January 19, 2007


Scott Dierdorf, the sharpest guy in a fishsuit you'll ever meet, is co-hosting the Stockstock Film Festival online this year. If you've ever had an itch to make a film, here's your free chance to do so.

Every year, Stockstock producers compile a film reel of stock film footage that they've collected from the Prelinger Archives. Festival entrants download the reel and create a 2-minute digital film using that footage. You can add audio or graphics, design new treatments, cut it up, tell a story -- basically, you are encouraged to abuse the reel as much as you can. The one catch is that you can only use the footage provided -- you can't introduce any other footage.* Amateur and experienced filmmakers alike have participated in the festival in the past, but Stockstock producers are hoping to expand their entrants and audience this year by making the footage available online.

The film reel is now available for download from, and entries are due Feb. 11. You can view past entries here. I'd hoped to make a Stockstock film this year, but as you know, I am still in mid-production with my puppet show. Gadzooks. The good news is that I'm busy with work on launching my storytelling business (a hobby business, but a business nonetheless).

*Unless you're one of the producers of the Stockstock Film Festival, in which case, you can cheat like dogs playing poker.

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