Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Twenty-Five Things That Make Me Happy

A Wrung Sponge asked readers to write down twenty-five things that made them happy. Sure thing! I’ll list my items in groups of 5.

Five children’s books:

1) Constance—Patricia Clapp
2) The School for Cats—Esther Averill
3) Daughter of the Moon—Gregory Maguire
4) Dinner at Alberta’s—Russell Hoban (illustrated by James Marshall)
5) Henrietta’s House (UK)/Blue Hills (USA)—Elizabeth Goudge

Five folktales:

1) Why the Tides Ebb and Flow— retold by Joan Chase Bowden
2) The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle— retold by Margaret Read MacDonald
3) Two Of Everything— retold by Lily Toy Hong
4) Lazy Jack— retold by Joseph Jacobs
5) “Talk” (i.e. "the talking yam story")—from The Cow-Tail Switch, retold by Harold Courlander

Five finger puppets:

Five camp skits:

1) JC Penny (In my outdoor education class, I saw this skit as "Thom McCann.")
2) Good news and bad news
3) The Man and the Coffin
4) The Most Horrible Thing in the World
5) Moon Trip

Five songs to play on the guitar in the key of G:

1) City of New Orleans
2) Orphan Girl
3) Lavender’s Blue
4) Can’t Let Go
5) On the Sunny Side of the Street


Yorkshire Pudding said...

In your last waning gibbous comment on my blog you said you ATE Yorkshire Pudding! No you didn't girl cos I'm still here! You can smother me with kisses or massage my back with gibbous oils but please don't eat me! And I'm certainly not rubbery! I'm leathery! Five things that make me happy?
1. Seeing Brad the Gorilla intellectually defeated by more intelligent bloggers.
2. Seeing Donald Rumsfeld disappear! Hurrah! Hurrah!
3. A waxing gibbous moon - so much nicer than a waning gibbous I feel.
4. Dancing naked in our garden under a gibbous moon to the tune of "Lavender's Blue". Dilly ! Dilly! Oh yay!
5. Sleep! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

YP: Ohhh, I bet your real name is Cecil Nigel Basil Brightlingsea IV.

1)Brad will always prevail. At the very least, he knows more Latin than I do.
2)Huzzah, huzzah! I'm giddy.
3)A waning gibbous moon is heading toward a new moon, which I thought was supposed to be great, being "new" and all.
4)Take a picture, Mr. Cecil Nigel Basil Brightlingsea IV! Take a picture.

Fridaysweb said...

I recognize Lavendar's Blue! I loved that song as a child and still do. It was easy to sing to and made one tap their foot.

*bounce* *jump* *hop* bang-bang! :D