Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Gilded Bat

"Maudie was only five when she was discovered gazing at a dead bird by Madame Trepidovska.

Madame, once assoluta at the Maryinsky, informed the Splaytoes that the child was to be her pupil.

Long years of study began at her ballet school above a row of shops.

Maudie first came before the public as a sparrow in
Bain d'Oiseaux, devised by Madame to display her students' abilities.

Her life was rather monotonous.

She became aware of what real ballet was when Madame took her to one of Solepsiskaya's innumerable farewell performances.

--from The Gilded Bat, by Edward Gorey

Yesterday, I received my used, out-of-print copy of Edward Gorey's The Gilded Bat, the story of the ballerina Mirella Splatova (née Maudie Splaytoes). I scanned four photos (including the cover), which you may view here. Splatova's life is "somewhat dreary" and "fairly tedious." However, her costumes are spectacular, and she ends up becoming "the reigning ballerina of the age." Gorey himself makes an appearance as Baron de Zabrus. You can also spot him here in the opening credits to the television series Mystery!* Gorey is the man with the big beard and fur coat. Oh, and here's another set of opening credits.

In other news, I've adopted a virtual bat:

adopt your own virtual pet!

Note to Bede: this is still a good idea for a present.

Thanks to The Dark Blonde for the bat pet link.

*I was never a Mystery! fan, but I used to stay in the room just for the opening credits.


Lone Star Ma said...

Pretty golden bat.

galetea said...

I totally never watched Mystery either, but LOVED to watch the credits. :)

Saints and Spinners said...

By the way, I received the bat pendant (linked in the post) as a birthday present the following year.