Saturday, October 07, 2006

Green Smoothies Revisited

Over the past week, I've experimented with different fruit blends for my daily green smoothie. They've all tasted good, but some of them were quite a bit less aesthetically appealing than others. The blueberry-strawberry smoothie I made looked even more revolting than the strawberry-banana smoothie of the day before. I decided that if I wanted a good-looking smoothie, I needed to stick to yellow and orange fruits. Today's smoothie is made of bananas, peaches, a dab of yogurt, and kale. The strawberry is a festive garnish. Now, the smoothie looks more like a glass of guacamole.

Hey! It's an improvement.


The Moy said...

How do doritos taste in it?

galetea said...

peaches in smoothies taste wicked good! When i was a kid, I used to liquify frozen peaches in the blender and drink the yummy result. See how much nicer the green smoothies look with a strawberry garnish? :)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

The Moy: I think Doritos are best left as garnish on broccoli-flavored ice-cream.

Galetea: I once had a few sips of a peach daiquiri that was heavenly because of all the fresh peaches. I still weep with longing.