Thursday, July 20, 2006

Unusual Gifts

The Magic Pomegranate is a variation of a story I like to tell to older audiences (i.e. middle-school and up) about three brothers, a wise princess, and fantastic gifts. I first learned this story with the apple as the magic fruit in "The Princess in the Mirror," from the collection of riddle-tales called While Standing on One Foot. In The Three Princes, the fruit is an orange. In any event, it's a good story. The ending rarely comes as a surprise to anyone, but the fun is in the journey... literally.

(This is the first year in which our little tree has grown fruit. We're so proud, even though the House of Glee did nothing to help it along.)


Lone Star Ma said...

I planted a little pomegranate tree several years ago and, when it never bore fruit, I planted another near it thinking maybe it needed a mate (it's been a long time since biology class but I do believe some plants are like that). Still no go.

Nonny said...

How long have you lived there? And this is the first year? Perhaps it is some kind of sign, or else the weather this year was just right for growing. I prefer to think it's magic.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Nonny: We've lived in this house for four years. I suspect that before the house went on the market, the tree was plunked into the ground so they could advertise "fruit-bearing trees" (note plural) with the property. I prefer to think it's magic, too!

Lone Star Ma: I like the idea of you having a pomegranate tree (two,even!). If you haven't already, maybe you talk to someone at a plant nursery to get some ideas?

Lone Star Ma said...

We also have an orange and a grapefruit tree that came with the house and bear beautifully. Lone Star Pa tries to plant little orange trees everywhere from the seeds but few of them make it to tiny shrubs with the on-again-off-again attention they get...and even the couple that seem to be surviving don't produce fruit. I think you actually have to do some graft thing anyway to get fruit you would want to eat on orange trees, but I haven't the heart to point that out to him.