Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hitman J's Word Verifier Story Game

Dear Hitman J,

Reading your blog is one of my guilty pleasures, and the only reason I don't link to you is because Brad the Gorilla claims that I'm already crowding his space by linking to Nonny. I confess I am easily cowed by Brad the Gorilla, as his temper is legendary, and he often threatens to withhold delectable desserts from me if I do not comply with his wishes. I simply cannot flambe bananas the way he can.

I have enjoyed participating in your Thursday activity of Word Verifier: The Gathering, whereby we go into your comments section, read the verification word, and write something creative with just a bit of guidance from your esteemed self. This week's assignment was "Wet and Wild, Down and Dirty." Here is what I came up with, undoubtably influenced by watching the "Days of Empire" episode of PBS's historical reality television program, Manor House:

"Gdrcr!" the todder roared as she ran through the sprinkler and slipped upon the muddy patch just outside of the zinnias.

"Cordelia, you've just muddied your new eyelet lace frock," Lady Hortensia Wilderbeasting cried. "You are a wild, wild child and I do not know what has come into you. Mind your manners, change your frock, and come into the house for tea, dear."

"Gdrcr!" Cordelia called out again. Her eyes gleamed as she grabbed a handful of zinnias and pulled them up by the roots.

"And stop speaking like a savage," Lady Wilderbeasting reprimanded. "It is most shocking, most shocking indeed."

However, just beyond Lady Wilderbeasting's watchful eye, there were events transpiring in the shrubbery behind the zinnias that would have truly bade her call for the smelling salts. Tristan, the stagecoach driver, was delicately painting a henna tattoo of a rose upon the work-chaffed foot of Gwynnis, the house-parlor maid. Little did Lady Wilderbeasting, Cordelia, Tristan or Gwynnis know that this henna tattoo symbolized the beginning of the end of the British occupation of India.


Lone Star Ma said...

See, but now you've posted that and it's not just your game anymore. Now I want you to finish writing the story so I can finish reading it!

Nonny said...

If I even find out that Brad is treating you with anything but love and respect I shall bring down the hammer of Thor on him.

WV: mammi (how I love ya, how I love ya....)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Thanks so much, Nonny! Sweet words in a bittersweet world.

HitManJ said...

Normally, I would insert some sort of comment about wacking someone...however, it is a strict rule in my line of work not to interfere with disputes of this nature.

However, I do think Bran needs a good slapping around.


HitManJ said...


That'd be "brad".

Of course I was teasing. I love Brad in a brotherly sort of way.

Brad the Gorilla said...

Hitman J,
Even though you're not nearly as furry as I am, I think you're OK!