Friday, June 24, 2005


I'm not a gamer (really! I've just guest-starred in Role-Playing Games from time to time), but Nanofictionary is a storytelling game I could be persuaded to try. I'm open to just about any scenario, but there are three elements that would be banned in my game:

1) "It was all a dream" endings. In the book upon which the film The Wizard of Oz, everything that happened actually happened. Dorothy returned to Oz for many more adventures. I've watched this film repeatedly only because of the vain hope that this time the story ends differently. I like the shiny shoes, too.

2) Excessive use of flashback. I don't want to know until the very end whether or not the protagonist survived.

3) Excessive use of foresight. Know-it-alls are no fun at all.

Now, I need to go think about a story with the title "Queen Anne Dollhouse" (Tony's contribution to the word bank.)

Thanks to Tonsil for the link.

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