Friday, April 01, 2005

Phil's Live-Journal/ More about Ducks

I told my friend Phil that I wasn't going to link his live-journal on my web-page because I didn't think his journal had much in the way of storytelling. I was teasing him in a pseudo-snobby way, but then I realized that Phil has a wealth of stories and has read a lot of children's and young-adult literature. In response to my "Duck, Duck...Goose?" post, he pointed out that there was a good story about a duck in one of my collections. It's called "Drakestail." Phil would never make the mistake of claiming that Hans Christian Andersen's literary fairy tale,"The Ugly Duckling," fit the bill (no pun intended). The main character grew up to be a swan, not a really ugly duck as Jon Scieska later claimed.

In order to bring this post full-circle, here is the link to Phil's live-journal.

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Phil said...

Now I will feel obliged to tell stories more often, although of course the LiveJournal itself is essentially the story of my life.

I actually did think of "The Ugly Duckling," after I had already thought of "Drakestail" first, and as you correctly point out, I immediately rejected it on the ground that it's about a swan. I have a feeling that there's another duck story either in that Golden Treasury or elsewhere that I'm forgetting, but I can't think of what it would be.