Friday, March 25, 2005

Duck, Duck... Goose?

Is this little felt animal a duck or a goose? I originally designed the pattern from a gosling template, but then I made the neck too short. It looks more like a duck. Lucia, however, calls it a goose. I am inclined to agree with her, simply because I know more good stories about geese than I do about ducks. My favorite one is the classic tale of treachery followed by justice, ”The Goose Girl”.

The novel based on the fairy tale by Shannon Hale is worth reading. It is faithful to the original while providing new character developments and elements of suspense. Please take a look at her blog and website, Squeetus, as well. I had to laugh out loud with recognition when I read "10 Unrequested Suggestions Made to an Unpublished Novelist." The one question I would add: "Why don't you try writing greeting cards?"


Tony said...

I think it's a goose. :)

Phil said...

There's a good story about a duck in the Golden Treasury collection, I believe it's called "Drakestail".

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I found it! The story has elements of "The Little Rooster and the Diamond Button," "Bremen Town Musicians," and the stories where travelers help out the main character with his or her special talents. Thanks for the recommendation, Phil.