Thursday, March 05, 2009

Currant Leaves for Cloudscome

Cloudscome of a wrung sponge always has such stunning photographs to go with her poems. In her honor, I took a photo of my white icicle currant bush with the new leaves beginning to unfurl:

Here is the currant bush as it appears in my still-sleepy garden:

This corner of the garden has flourished quite well. Late last November, a single rose bloomed until the snows of December. I couldn't help but think of the song "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming" each time I passed by.


tanita✿davis said...

Ooh, you'll have to take a picture later in the season so we can see how/why it got its name.

Saints and Spinners said...

Tanita: I will, definitely. Last year, I bought the bush with the blossoms on, so I didn't get to see them emerge. It looks as if the currant bush is happy where it is in the garden. Without realizing it, I got the kind of bush where the berries are technically edible, but not particularly delicious. I discovered I really like the scent of currant leaves, though. This bush is all about the blossoms that hang down like icicles in spring.

Lone Star Ma said...


Andromeda Jazmon said...

Oh Farida this is gorgeous!! Thank you so much for honoring me in this way. Your photographs are just lovely. I can't wait to see the blossoms later in spring. This color of new leaves is really my favorite color in the universe though. I never get tired of the thrill of brand new baby leaves. Spring is coming!