Friday, September 12, 2008

Saints: A collection

Action Figures (imagined)

Caedmon of Whitby (Father of Sacred Poetry)

Dymphna (Emotional Distress)

Fiacre (Gardeners)

Frances of Rome (Motorists)

Isidore of Seville (Internet)

Lucy of Syracuse (Light and Eyesight)

Martin of Tours (Legend with explanation of the Lantern Walk)

Mary of Magdala (The Myrrh-Bearer)

Michael, Archangel (story of Michaelmas)

Quirky Saints (Here you will find out why Vitus is the patron saint against oversleeping)

Scholastica (A story of how the law of love superceded the Rule)

Zeno of Verona (Officially the patron of fisherman, unofficially, at least on this blog, the patron of potty-training)

All posts having to do with saints may be found here.

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