Saturday, May 10, 2008

Five Year Old Girl

Five years ago, Lucia was born:

It is appropriate to share the school rhyme that all the children in her class know (but I just learned yesterday).

When Lucia was one, she had just begun:

When Lucia was two, everything was new:

When Lucia was three, she said, "I am me!":

When Lucia was four, she ran out the door:

Now, Lucia is five, and she is bright and alive:

We hosted a lovely birthday party with six girls from school. I sang songs and told stories for the entertainment. For the finale, one of the dads brought out his guitar, and we played "Yellow Submarine."


Lone Star Ma said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Lucia! What a beautiful girl! Five!! Does it even seem possible? I just saw my five-year-old niece who lives in Dallas this weekend and it seems just yesterday that she was born! How they grow and blossom and amaze us!

Eric Herman said...

Happy Birthday from all of us!! Much joy and good times. We'll see you in August.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Aw! That's really lovely Alkelda.

Let's hope it doesn't lead to...

When Lucia was sixteen she was hardly ever seen
When Lucia was seventeen she did things that were most obscene
When Lucy was nineteen she was put in quarantine!

How the years fly by...

tanita✿davis said...

Wow, wasn't she just three!?

She's always so cute -- and well dressed. I love her outfits, especially the little clamdiggers and jumper dress for age four. And her hair is gorgeous.

I hope five is an awesome year for you both.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Lucia! It is amazing to see how much she's grown over the years. Lovely pictures!

And a Happy Mother's Day to you!

Saints and Spinners said...

Thank you all! It does not seem possible, yet here she is.

Anamaria (bookstogether) said...

Wishing Lucia the happiest of happy birthdays (and you, a happy Mother's Day)! I love the song and the series of photos, too. She's such a lovely little girl!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo retrospective! I'm really glad she had such a nice birthday and that a good time was had by all. :)

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous big girl! Adorable photos.