Saturday, September 22, 2007

Planning ahead

Yesterday, Lucia told me, "When I am a woman, and Bhanu is a man, I am going to marry Bhanu" [a boy in her classroom].

I replied, "If you and Bhanu want to get married when you're grown up, you have my blessing. What does getting married mean?" Lucia was quiet. "Does it mean living in the same house?" I asked.

"Yes," Lucia replied.

"Does it mean having babies?"

".... NO!" Lucia replied. She clarified: "I will be the bride and Bhanu will be the groom and Mary will be the flower-girl."

At this point, it's all about the pagentry. After having been one of seven flower-girls at a wedding this spring, Lucia was incredulous that Bede and I did not have a flower-girl at our wedding. Sometimes I suspect that she feels sorry for us.


Lone Star Ma said...

I guess she'd be very disappointed in Lone Star Pa and I, then...we eloped! I would love to see my girls have Quaker weddings someday but cannot actually imagine them ever being quiet...

Saints and Spinners said...

LSM: Who knows! Your girls might be attracted to something quiet after they see their friends get involved in all of the fuss and hubub of big weddings. I had different notions over the years of how I wanted my wedding to be (outside at one point, inside and wearing green velvet at another), but I pretty much always knew that I wanted dancing at my wedding.

xxxxxx said...

Alkelda, I was attracted to the quieter wedding after seeing the huge fuss weddings, but often wonder if that was a mistake! Sometimes I wish I had the big dress, a lot of dancing, etc but was too shy. I saw those games like the groom taking the bountoinere off the bride's leg with his teeth and I was embarrassed thinking I would have to have that too. And I didn't want to walk up a church aisle with everyone gaping at me.
Now I am different! I sort of wish there had been more pageantry!

Saints and Spinners said...

Diana-- There was no bouquet toss nor was there a garter removal game at my wedding. Some people were quite surprised at the lack of the bouquet toss, but others said, "I'm so glad it wasn't part of the event!" If I could change one thing about the wedding, it would have been the dreadful pianist my wedding coordinator found to replace the one we had originally. He should have been ashamed to cash the cheque. So it goes. Otherwise, I think most of the people there had a good time. I wore my grandma's silk wedding dress, so I HAD to have a little pagentry!