Thursday, May 03, 2007

Isidore, O Isidore

St. Isidore statue quoting Tolkein

It's one thing to send chain-emails to friends promising good luck if the friends forward the emails on. It's quite another thing to threaten bad luck if the friends delete the emails. In fact, it's a really shoddy. Even people who are free of "magical thinking" understand how ill-wishers can drag their spirits down.

Today, I've got something for everyone. If you just want something to clear the virtual stench of email bullying, say and/or think this:

I absorb the good.
I deflect the bad.
I make my own luck.

Then, delete the email.

If you want a saint to intercede on your behalf, call upon St. Isidore, the top nominee for the patron saint of the internet. Personally, I'd prefer someone who wasn't notorious for converting Jews to Christians by force. No one said saints were perfect, but still: yuck. This is why I prefer many of the apocryphal saints. They've got less historical baggage.

Anyway, here is a little rhyming prayer for St. Isidore's intercession in the realm of negative emails only:

Isidore, O Isidore,
Please, without fail,
Be our guide forevermore:
Banish this email.

Then, delete the email.


Anonymous said...

I love it. You learn something new every day: in my case, the icon of The Information Age. Whodda thunk?

Saints and Spinners said...

Jules: I'm actually rooting for a female saint to be the patron of the internet. You know, since so many librarians are female...:)

limpy99 said...

It works especially well if the email was sent by your Jewish friends.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Oh this is too funny. Thanks!

Lone Star Ma said...

I love your saint stories.