Sunday, April 01, 2007

One of Seven

Princess in the mirror

We have returned from our brief trip to Idaho. Seattle-Jane married her swain, the seven flower-girls hailed them with petals tossed from baskets, and we all toasted the newly-married couple with tasty vintages provided by the wine-cellar where the wedding took place. Lucia had studied her flower-girl duties beforehand with the help of Lilly's Big Day, and carried herself with simple dignity. Had we let her, Lucia would have slept in her garland that night.

On the way back from Idaho, Bede got a speeding ticket for traveling 83 mph in a 70mph zone. The fact that Bede got the ticket instead of I had only to do with our recent switch of driving-duties. We weren't peeved about getting the ticket as much as we were incredulous that drivers going as fast as us got away like the proverbial fox [that] went out on a chilly night. We threw our hats on the ground and shook our fists at the cars that escaped with impunity.* Next time, we vowed, we would put getaway music** on our iPods.

Bede and Lucia in Eastern Washington

*The cop thought we were a little bit odd.
**Really, anything with fast banjo riffs will do.


Vivian Mahoney said...

Your daughter looks so lovely. Ah...nothing like a pretty dress, some flowers and a fancy headpiece to get a girl smiling. Wow, a birthday celebration and a wedding party! Fun weekend! Even if you had to get a speeding ticket.

I hope you're feeling better!

Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks, HipWriterMama! I am feeling much better. I hope to stay better, now. There's a good chance this may happen-- my daughter is off from school for two weeks.

Lady K said...

What an adorable picture! Both of them! Not that it's cool to get a ticket, but at least you had an actual PERSON stop you and weren't sent a picture in the mail from some photo radar thing. That stuff chaps my hide. If I had the guts I'd go around putting caps in all of those contraptions. Glad you had a good trip!

Philip said...

If he got a speeding ticket, he clearly wasn't going fast enough!

Lone Star Ma said...

Such a lovely child!