Thursday, April 26, 2007

Daemon/Soul: is it a match?

Years ago, when The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman first came out in the United States, my mom and I discussed what our daemons (external embodiments of our souls) would be if we lived in Lyra's world. We thought about different animals, and I decided my daemon would probably be an ocelot. That's what I got when I did the test. However, it looks as if the daemon is changing... right now it's a mouse. I don't know what it will be by the time you look at it.

Thanks to Liz B for the link.


Myth said...

it's looking very pussycat-y at the moment... probably ocelot-ish ;) I was hoping for a lion when my sister sent me the link... but I started with a gibbon and ended up with the mouse!
Schelle's daemon: Philon

Lone Star Ma said...

Cool ocelot woman! I can't seem to find the link. I have a yucky browser. What is it?