Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Stuff

If you ever need a boost to your mood, check out ABCGirl's blog, Happy Stuff. Fear not: it's not sentimental goop that would make Nigel Molesworth run for the hills (though if he did, that would be his loss) nor even "chicken soup" for the wayward soul. It's more along the lines of Brad the Gorilla's chocolate and bananas.


Anonymous said...

i'm so honored!

Lady K said...

akelda...what can I say? The homeless NEED something and I'm there to give it, always. In all honesty, I drive under bridges this time of year and just throw old sheets, blankets, whatever, out my car window. Those people are freaks! And so, so lost...if it were ME in their place, I would be PRAYING for something. Karma rules, even tho they don't believe they deserve it. Most of them are drug addicts and worse but deep in my heart I KNOW it could be me, if the shoe fit...Nonny, not ONE word. I really DO do this. Keeps me humble and motivated.

My next stop is abcgirl! When you say things like "run for the hills," it makes me think of Ronnie James Dio singing, "Run To The Hills"
Sorry, I was a rocker in my "shoulda been college days." But I met the guy backstage at a local concert and he was such a sweet gentleman. I really REALLY wish I would have gotten a picture. His music may be harsh, but he has touched the lives of SO many music fans. I whispered that phrase, almost verbatim, in his ear when he allowed me to give him a hug before he boarded his tourbus. He grabbed my shoulders and looked me directly in the eyes and said, "Thank you. It's been a long time since someone said that to me."

True story. Just a little somethin to let people know that not all musicians are drunken, drugged-out flakes.

Anything that has to do with chicken soup is GREAT in my book, even if it IS a book without recipes.

You're a GREAT lady, even tho you have a houseful of houligans...hee hee!

Saints and Spinners said...

Lady Hearteater,
I am grateful for everything you do. It's easy to say, "Oh, it's so wonderful to do things for the homeless," but the fact of the matter is that sometimes it's a bit scary. I've had what might have been some close calls, but who knows?

There was a guy who got snarky with me once when I offered to get him some food rather than throw change at him. I said, "Fine! The deal's off!" and whirled away. He followed me and apologized, and said, "Wow, you've really got a temper." That was the day I found out I was pregnant, so I think I'll always remember that guy pretty clearly.

By the way, I was a big Dio fan when I was in my mid-teens. Due to a last-minute complication, I didn't get to see him in concert, but I have read that he puts on quite a show.

Thank you for your kind words, LH! I'm so glad you stopped by.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Thnks for dropping by my blog and leaving a new year greeting. I see you have dropped a clock in to your blog. You know you can make it smaller and add a tag if you wish - just fiddle about a little more at "ClockLink" - Seattle Time, West Coast Time or maybe Cascadia Time. If unsure ask the techno computer wizard Brad the Gorilla for help - he'll do anything for a banana.