Friday, November 04, 2005

Other People's Stories

Today, I am linking six blog and livejournal posts of which I am particularly fond. Some of the stories made me laugh out loud, others made me chuckle quietly, and more than one made me cringe with self-recognition. I have known plenty of painful and embarassing situations. I'm sure you would find some of them quite funny. Maybe I'll write some of them down, but I think I need to live another 10 years before I think they're funny.

Quality of Mercy:
Galetea recounts the adventures of her first tattoo.

Darth Vader Made Me Cry:
Defective Yeti gets the autograph of the Imperial Dark Lord.

Philip the Pun's quest for the right underwear.

Modern horror story about Scott Dierdorf's trousers.

A Little More Halloween and Leaves:
Nonny ventures into Stepford with Mini-Darth Vader and a subdued gorilla.

LoneStar Girl attempts to teach her baby sister sequential numbers.


Liz said...

Awwww, your so sweet. My son would totally lose his mind for that DV keychain. How cute are those legos? They are almost irresistable.

Lone Star Ma said...

It was totally her sister trying to teach her; not me. Due to a certain personality flaw inherited from their father,I never encourage them to do anything that I actually want them to do. Not really never. but close(:

Lone Star Ma said...

That Darth Vader story is TOO cute!

Philip said...

I am both flattered to be included in your list of favorite posts, and humbled to be included on the same list as Scott's story. His pants story is much superior to mine.

Also, for some reason I now have this strange desire to go luggage shopping.

After making certain my pants are fully secured, of course.

Saints and Spinners said...

Lone Star Ma--
Color me embarassed! I have corrected the post. Either way, it's pretty funny, but I should attempt to stick to facts when I know the facts.

I confess to a certain weakness for Star Wars legos (among any other themed legos.) I've not actually bought any, but that's not to say I haven't been tempted. ere's a Star Wars Lego film not to be missed: Han Solo Affair.


Maybe you should put some luggage on your condo-warming wish-list. Hey... do you have a condo-warming wish-list?

galetea said...

Thanks for the inclusion on your list! :) Enjoyed reading the exploits of the others too!

Scott said...

Epilogue: I am married and wear belts now. Problem solved.