Sunday, November 27, 2005

Little Red Riding Hood: the short film

At last, Little Red Riding Hood starring Christina Ricci, Timour Bourtasenkov, and narrated by Quentin Crisp, is available for download. [2010 pdate: It's no longer available for download. This is what irritates me about the internet.] This short, creepy, non-rated film is based on an old, subversive version of the fairy tale. It's eleven minutes long, which was about the time it took me to download it onto my computer. I originally saw it when I lived in New York, just after my group house got basic cable. For three days, we had access to the Sundance Channel as part of an advertising effort to get us to upgrade our cable consumption. Although I was not an avid television watcher, I was indeed tempted.

Just so you know, I would recommend this film to adults (including young adults) who enjoy Tony DiTerlizzi's The Spider and the Fly and Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies. If you watch the film anyway, and feel icky afterward, you might want to watch the Nature Anthem video as an antidote. Then again, perhaps you'd rather shut down the computer and read a good book.


Liz said...

Christina Ricci makes everything creepy, and I like it. Will definitely download and watch :)

John said...

Ditto, nonny