Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hitherby Dragons: a storytelling site

(Copper pomegranate charm)

From the storytelling website, Hitherby Dragons, here there be here are three stories that feature the Greek goddess Persephone. Thanks to Jope for introducing me to Rebecca's site. Jope said, "I'm kinda surprised you don't know [Rebecca] -- somehow it just seems like all you storytelling types would at least be aware of one another." Well, we should be aware of each other. We really should.

I don't have that many friends who are official storytellers. Most of the professional storytellers I've met have years more experience and depend upon their craft for their livelihoods. They are mentors and role-models but they are not necessarily chums. The storytellers with whom I hang out are roleplaying gamers who think plot and character development are just as important as experience points and magic items. Other storytellers are people who like to watch lots of television and movies and who are more than happy to oblige when I ask them to Tell Me What Happened. Afterward, I have rented some films based on their retellings, and was disappointed when they were not as good as my friends' stories. A few of my friends can actually make up stories as they speak (Bede is one of the gifted few.) I fall into none of the above categories, but I can listen and appreciate a good story when I hear one.

Without further ado, hitherby dragons:

History: Boedromion 19: Delicious Pomegranate!

History: Boedromion 20: The Only Fruit That Tastes Like Dust

History: Boedromion 21-22: Things and Choices


Lone Star Ma said...

Wow. Those stories were really cool. Also, I think I have to go join the cult of Demeter. I've always felt pretty strongly about Demeter and have been meaning to research the Eleusinian mysteries I'm all inspired. I feel poetry coming on. I'd like to write Demeter stories, too, buit I don't know if they'd be that good. I'm really more interested in Demeter than Persephone, being this frumpy mom already and all. Persephone's fascinating, too, though. And I LOVE that pomegranate charm! Wow...

Saints and Spinners said...

I am interested in Persephone not so much as Demeter's young daughter abducted by Hades as the Queen of the Underworld. She is the harbinger of spring (rebirth) and hostess of the Dead. Here are some proactive stories of Persephone that I've stumbled upon. I rather like them: they're imaginative, while being respectful of the traditional (albeit two-dimensional) myths.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't your most recent post. My computer was down until yesterday. I just wanted to say the I LOVE Greek Mythology. I do not fancy myself a muse though. Rather I identify more with the Furies, esp. Alecto. There is something to unerring pursuit no?

Saints and Spinners said...

Hey Nonny!

Pssst. I don't consider myself a Muse either, but I was sure pleased to have Thalia show up in my results. Why? Because so much of my life was spent writing about doom and gloom, and as I have said in a previous post, I wanted to make people CRY. Now, I'd like a little laughter mixed in. I love the Furies. When I was a teenager, I had decided to name one of my daughters "Megaera." (This was after deciding that my first daughter would be named Electra.) The Furies have some great lines in the Myth-O-Mania series I mentioned awhile back. They hang out with Hades while he watches WWF (he always roots for the Caldonian Boar) and eats Asphodel pizza.

Alecto would be a good username, don't you think?