Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Eye of the Tiger

Favorite tiger tales:

The Story of Little Babaji--Helen Bannerman/Fred Marcellino

Terrible Tiger--Jack Prelutsky/Arnold Lobel

Tiger, Brahmin, Jackal--Indian folk tale

Tiger's Whisker--Korean folk tale

A vignette:

Lucia was in school, playing with animal puzzle-pieces. Her teacher pointed to the tiger puzzle-piece and asked, "What animal is that?"

Lucia replied, "Zebra."

The teacher said, "Yes, I guess it does sort of look like Simba."

Another vignette, leap-frogging off of the first one:

A different teacher held up a large, talking stuffed-animal based on the television character of Barney the purple dinosaur. The teacher held up the stuffed-animal, saying, "Look! It's Barney! It's Barney!" as she pulled the string. Meanwhile, Barney was babbling about something in a tone much too cheery for the occasion.

Lucia looked at the stuffed-animal with some suspicion. I finally whispered to the teacher, "She doesn't know Barney, but she knows 'dinosaur.'"

"Look, it's a dinosaur," the teacher said.

Lucia regarded the stuffed-animal with more interest. "Rarrrrrw!" she said.


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LB said...

I must commend you. Your obviously doing something right if Lucia has no idea who Barney is. Barney is the scourge of a generation. Simba on the other hand is extremely cute. Obviously all references to cuteness must be clarified to mean cute but not as cute as me.

Saints and Spinners said...

Little Box,

Not even Brad the Gorilla is as cute as you.