Monday, April 09, 2012

40 Year Fizz

Half of a Ramos Gin Fizz recipe
I had a wonderful 40th birthday party organized by my husband and friends. My wish was to dress up and eat delicious appetizers with my friends. Just about everyone attended the party, and I was able to visit and talk with them. One friend revealed that her favorite drink was a Ramos Gin Fizz, which involves raw egg white*, orange blossom water**, lemon and lime juice, and other ingredients, all shaken for 12 minutes. Of course, my mixed-drink enthusiast friend had to make one on the spot. I had a sip, and was hooked. It's akin to drinking lemon meringue pie, only not as sweet.

 Master bartender/mixologist Chris McMillian shares the history and demonstrates the assembly of the drink here. I tried my hand at making the Ramos Gin Fizzes yesterday during our Easter brunch. (I skipped the cream, however.) There were times when I had to hand the shaker over to my husband or another guest in order to serve food, answer the phone, or simply take a break. I ended up making four servings, but fortunately, some people were willing to split a serving. The work and the wait were worth it.

*Read New York Times article Things Get Messy When Bartenders Crack an Egg, by Glen Collins.

**I have a bottle of orange blossom water that will last me years. I'm going to start cooking more from the dessert sections of my Middle Eastern Cookbooks.


tanita davis said...

Wow, that drink sounds... interesting. I don't care for meringue, so it wouldn't be something I'd choose, but I love the idea of shaking something for twelve minutes. Really?? Twelve?? Who came up with that?? I mean, if you shake it for eleven or thirteen, is it ruined? I love the mystery.

Lone Star Ma said...

Very cool. And I'm so glad you had a nice birthday party!

Saints and Spinners said...

Tanita: Maybe it's like cake-baking or antibiotics: 12 minutes "or until done." When is the cut-off? If it works at 11, why not 10, if 10, why not 9? Or maybe it relates to the size of the king's foot (i.e. 12 inches)? At any rate, I shook the concoction for 10 minutes, added ice, and then shook it for 2 additional minutes.

LSM: Thanks! I was so glad to see friends gathered whom I'd not seen in quite awhile, as well as those I'd seen the previous week.