Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blog Birthday Party?

While I revved up this blog seven years ago today, I wrote my first true blog post on February 27, 2005, with Root Vegetables. It seems fitting that I should do something to commemorate the occasion next Monday. I thought about a giveaway, but I dislike the randomness of picking one person to receive one crafty gift from me. I would make a cake, but few of you would be able to eat it.

I have an idea. I'll see if it comes to fruition. In the meantime, browse the beautiful food pictures I found on Pinterest. Here's what I like about Pinterest: I can admire other people's food creations with impunity. Here's what I don't like about Pinterest: It's a distraction.


adrienne said...

An early yay to seven years of posting! I'm so glad we got to meet this way.

Lone Star Ma said...

Happy early blog birthday!